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A current trend in website design is

The use of Single Page Websites.

A one page website is just a single page website that uses only one HTML page. When clicking on navigation links, the user scrolls down the page to that exacting content’s segment.

If SEO is significant to the heath of your website and your company, I highly recommend you leave single page websites to the large brands like Cadillac. They don’t need SEO to go on, but you do, so attach with technology that is known to work.

Deciding between single page and multi-page design can be difficult. With mobile and social media browsing on the increase simple, speedy and responsive single-page websites are among the most trendy web trends to date. On the other hand, multi-page websites, defined by traditional navigation flows, are well-known and trusted by users.
It’s a tough call. The best way to choose between single page and multi-page design is to reflect on your site’s content and navigation stream. Is your site’s content quick and easy to browse, or is there lots of content that needs to be well located for users to find? With a content-first come close to to your web design, you’re more likely to pick the right navigation structure for your website.

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